Hydrogel Butt Injection

Hydrogel Butt Injection.  

This is the best and easiest way to get around and fat ass of your choice. Hydrogel delivers rapid results and does not requires injecting every month. Once injected it can be from 3-6 months before renew.


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1000CC Hydrogel Butt Injection

Hydrogel Butt injection is a product used by both men and women as it deals with the body. This product is used to increase the size of your butt, Lips, thighs etc.

It immediately gets into effect after 2-3 hours of successful results. Once injected, hydrogel butt injection can be for 3-6 months before renewal. It is often advisable to take the doctors advice before implementation.

Hydrogel is a permanent soft tissue filler. Made of 5% polyacrylamide gel and 95% water. The cross-linked Polyacrylamide forms a real gel that is very similar and highly bio-compatible to human soft tissue
Kit includes:-
*A user manual and Demo DVD which gives you step-by-step instructions on the safest way to inject the hydrogel.
*Permanent-Polyacrylamide Filler
*Sterile syringes
*Antibiotic to take to prevent infection, a muscle relaxer, numbing cream, anesthesia, and aftercare meds.

Where to apply Hydrogel Butt Injection.  

For almost instant enhancement in the size of these areas;
1. Upper buttock
2. Middle buttock
3. Lower buttock
4. Hip expansion
5. Outer thighs
Round Bubble Shape couple with the Jiggly Natural Feel
100% Safe All Medical Ingredients
Increase your butt size naturally in hours!
Also, help to reduce cellulite on thighs and butt!

Hydrogel Butt Injection,  

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  1. Lala

    The results were so rapid and I love my new butt.
    Quality service.

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